LiveSoundtracks and Making Music in Silence are offering the Online Course, Composing soundtracks: Trends and new ways of working. It is an introduction to the process of creating soundtracks highlighting the importance of applying innovation at every stage of the process, by connecting artistic creativity to strategy, and working from the creation of a musical concept to the use of the channels that are needed to get your musical concept out there. All of this is supported by case studies.

For a composer with professional aspirations to make a living making music, this is the end of the journey, but finding the right road to achieve this is the real challenge. Today, it is fundamental that you become that 360º creative thinker to stay on this road.

Online course info here (Spanish only)

  • Format: Online
  • Price: 154€.
  • Coordinates: Jesús Díaz (Making Music in Silence) with the participation of: Fabiola Ordoyo, Marc Blanes, Marc Orts, Roman Gottwald, Sandra Tapia.
  • Certifies: (LiveSoundtracks – Plataforma/C – Making Music in Silence)
  • Collaborate: Curtocircuito, festival Internacional de Cine, Transit Projectes.