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LiveSoundtracks @
Soho House – Barcelona
06.03.2018 – 20:30h


Composer and producer Daniele Mana will perform a live score for an edit of Fritz Lang’s “Die Nibelungen: Siegfried”.
Mana prepared a cut of of Lang’s masterpiece enhancing the emotional drama of the heroes fighting between love and deception in a rich and mystical geometric universe where the characters play against vast architectural landscapes.
A deep journey through  pre-Christian Germanic heroic motifs narrated by a musical emotional voice of the Mediterranean romanticism.

Having released his work on prestigious labels as Danse Noire, Nicolas Jaar’s Other People and recently on Hyperdub, Mana comes forward as the leading figure of the italian new wave, alongside with his fellow One Circle bandmates Lorenzo Senni and A:RA.

The project is brought by MUTEK.ES, international festival of digital creativity.

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