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October 27th 2017: Catalonia declares independence from Spain.
We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and want to declare our intentions.
Now more than ever, we need to explain to you why we are here
and why we want to move forward for so many years more.

We are «professional dreamers»
constantly looking for «poetry in the darkness».
Creativity is the only way we know how to build connections
and «connect the dots».
We try to provoke certain moments of reflection
and inspire dreams through the power of art.

We believe in a world without borders.
A world where you can belong anywhere.
A world where people can find the courage
to follow passion and intuition.
A world where we are allowed
to remain children in our entirety.
A world where everybody can listen to the sky crying
and see the moon smiling.

We believe «dreaming it’s not dead, it’s just been forgotten.
Removed from our language.
No one teaches it so no one knows it exists.
The dreamer is banished to obscurity.
We are trying to change all that, and we hope you are too.
By dreaming every day».

Are you a dreamer?

Words: Anna Mastrolitto

Video: Carlos López



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