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«Music can give this little bit of extra to a movie scene. It’s all about emotions and getting sucked into it and forget about everything else».

Yuri Boselie, better known as Cinnaman, plays ‘music without borders’. DJ, curator and producer, Yuri is one of Amsterdam’s brightest talents. He hosts a monthly radio show at Red Light Radio and he is part of the Rush Hour Record, the De School’s crew and the Dekmantel ‘s family. His eclectic and hypnotic DJ sets are the perfect soundtrack for each moment. For LiveSoundtracks he prepared an ethereal and melancholic mix.

Yuri, I find your set ethereal and melancholic. Where did you find the inspiration?

I’m just very into melodic music. I often listen to classical music at home and that really inspires me in my sets and also in this journey. I started with one song I listened a lot lately and build the set around it. You can maybe hear which song that is. I also posted it on my wall 😉

Interesting, you listen to melancholic music but you make people dance for a living! How can you combine these two sides?

You need to balance those two. I try to play more melodic in my sets and not only vibe on drums and loops.

You said in an interview «you see a set like a story». If your mix was a movie, which movie would it be?

The Tree of life. I saw it a while ago and thought «let’s make a electronic soundtrack for it».

How important is music in a movie to you? Do you have any favorite soundtrack composers?

Very important. Music can give this little bit of extra to a scene. It’s all about emotions and getting sucked into it and forget about everything else. But I also love when movies don’t have music. So it really depends on the movie. My favourite soundtrack composer? Brian Eno! My dad used to listen to Eno when I was young. And so I still do!

Have you ever imagined yourself composing or selecting music for a movie? If so, which one would it be?

Yes! It would be kind of a dream for me. I would be rather selecting music than composing. It’s hard to choose one movie as I love very different kinds of movies. But I’m really into horror movies, so that would be it.

So if I invite you to play for LiveSoundtracks, would you score a horror movie? Would it be a live or a DJ set?

It would be a DJ set for sure, to get into that darkness.

Which movies and albums changed the way you perceive/look at art and life?

The Brown Bunny opened a door to music I have never really listened to before. Same for Donnie Darko. I love the cheesy 80’s car music vibe of the movie.

How and when did you discover you wanted to become a DJ?

I started DJing on my dad’s decks when I was about 11 years old. So from there on I just believed I could be a DJ/ selector.

It seems that your dad had an important role in your career. Is it thanks to him that you ended up working in music?

No, I have to thank both my parents for it as I grew up with my mom and she played everything, from dub, reggae and speed garage, to house, rnb, etc.

LST natives are dreamers, in fact «Are you a dreamer?» is the 10th anniversary LST motto. What about you? Are you dreamer?

I am definitely a dreamer. I love daytime dreaming, but on the other side I am  idealistic which is very difficult from time to time. It’s not very good for your creativity.

Why is being idealistic not good for creativity?

It can be a struggle to let things go.

What’s your next goal? Do you have any new projects on the horizon?

My next goal is to finish my solo 12”. But there you have the idealistic part. It will be probably be released somewhere in 2040 😉

Hahaha, let’s set a deadline for this. If you make it, I will invite you to play 😉

The deadline is next month. I need to finish it. I´m taking almost a month off. No DJing. No parting. No drinking. Just working on music!!!

Good luck, Yuri!

Words: Anna Mastrolitto


Check the track list on Soundcloud.

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