«Good music finding its groove is one thing,
but great music locking into a moving image is something else”.
– Chris Mann, Resident Advisor.

It was a Saturday night when Vladislav Delay played the first LiveSoundtracks show in Barcelona.
The choice of film, Aki Kaurismäki’s I Hired a Contract Killer, was Delay’s.
Our intention was to highlight how beautiful the synergy between sound and image can be.
And we choose a futuristic hotel design by Richard Roger for inciting enthusiasm.

A few days after that night, Chris Mann wrote:
“LiveSoundtracks will take the show on the road around Europe and offer more events in the future, and from the success of this outing, they’ll be something to look forward to.”

After 10 years we can say he brought us luck.

Throughout these years, we have produced numerous cultural events in Barcelona.
We have been invited by festivals and universities around Europe.
We have worked with renowned artists, DJs and musicians from all over the world.
We won a contest and we became a festival. We have launched a course in soundtrack composition and we have started a radio show.

During these years, we have experienced changes.
We have changed to be more visible, to better communicate our ideology
and to explore new expressions in art, through music and cinema.
We have discovered that in order to move forward we need to step back to the origins,
with an eye on the future.

That’s why we have decided to tell stories about our work from different perspectives and talk about those who inspire us. We want to share these stories with all the dreamers who have walked this journey with us and all those who want to join us.

Are you a dreamer?

words: Anna Mastrolitto

*you can read the full article of Chris Mann here

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