Category: Who We Are

I was born in Cali, Colombia, although from childhood i have always been a nomad for the work of my parents, I spent my childhood in Mexico, i returned to Colombia during my teenage years where after finishing school, i studied Music at the Universidad del Valle. Thanks to my brothers I liked the music since I was little, they put songs from The Cure Depeche Mode, Metallica, U2 among others, so at a very young age I dreamed of being part of this world.

I spent several Years in many rock bands with several friends, and i was also linked to several family businesses, but almost 3 years ago i decided to come to Barcelona to study Music Business, because i wanted to understand a little more about the music business, this has led me to have very good experiences at this time.

Within LiveSoundtracks i developed the communication and marketing part, which has helped me to understand the world of music a little more, and how important it is to always have a good plan of action to be able to fulfill each of our objectives within this Project, that is why my interest is to be able to learn much more of this world and thus to help the talented people and who dream of being able to succeed in this world.