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Antoine Chaffanjon is a French business student passionate about music, video production and business innovation. “My dreams are as real as what I believe to be reality”. Since I was young I was always living in different places in France but my passions never changed even if my dreams moved on. During my childhood I was always listening to a lot of music and it was then I decided that I wanted to produce and share my own music.

Already at an young age I learnt how to play music by attending different musical schools but it was when I started to learn music by myself it became a real passion for me. I felt the need to express myself in what I wanted to listen and to play. I was wondering how the dreams that I had could be shared, so I decided to study in a French Business school in order to get the entrepreneurship skills needed to one day bring the project I dreamed into reality.

I also studied in Finland as an exchange student where I learnt a lot about creative entrepreneurship in the creative economy that we are all taking part nowadays. Moreover, also having a passion for cinema I decided to get involved in an Audio-Visual association to develop my video production skills and to share my point of view through my video work. At the moment, I am currently involved with Livesoundtracks because I would like to support a common vision that we share. » Illuminating my dreams facing the moving shape of the clouds.



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