In 2017, we are celebrating our 10 years with LiveSoundtracks and we want to share it with all the people that made that possible. That is why we are inviting to all whom have been part of this project during all this time, to share their stories, and to invite new people to be part of this one.

During this period, we experienced changes. We changed to be more visible, to better communicate our ideology and to explore new expressions in art, through music and cinema.

With the purpose of preparing our celebration we relaunched our website to show you our new projects and events. We want to tell stories about our work from different perspectives and talk about those who helped us.

We had worked with many artists during these 10 years and we want to move forward for so many years more. We are always looking for new dreamers and we would like to keep our quest with many others who want to join us. 


What would you like to see during the celebration of our “10 Years of LST”? Send us a comment.